Saturday, November 11, 2017

Trip to play games with Rod

Drove to Launceston to play games with Rod.

What a fantastic table to fight over!

Another view of the table.  The scenario was a trap to capture Captain America (in the civil war)

Thor landed in some henchmen.  The result was predictable!

Iron Man appeared to capture Thor

And who is that swinging between buildings?

The Hulk about to throw a car.  The car missed, but iron man got a lucky roll and knocked out Thor!  Victory to Rod.  But what a great game!

Games 2 -- Star trek.  Some Federation light ships ambush some Klingon heavy ships

By using their initiative, the Federation ships destroyed 2 Klingon cruisers for the loss of a Federation destroyer.  The surviving destroyer leaving the field.  Nick won.

Star Wars Risk.  Rod won convincingly.  But this is a fun fast game!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Great Western Trail - It all seems very complex

It all seems very complex

The starting tableaux

Starting to get the hang of this.  By the end it was 2 thumbs up!!!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Pandemic Legacy Hobart - September II

We lost -- we have lost both attempts at September.  The game is getting away from us ....

What shall we do?

The perfect move!

Oh - oh -- another city getting restless!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pandemic Lagacy Hobart -- September I

So close.  We thought the initial disease break was tricky, with two outbreaks very close to each other.  Things looked bad when we got an epidemic on the first turn.  But none of the outbreaks expanded, and we quickly got all diseases under control.  We were about to cure two diseases, and the game looked so easy to win.  Then we got an epidemic -- a disease broke out next to our two close outbreaks, and then both outbreaks expanded, and in a set of chain reactions we lost the game, just like that.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


Played over 3 days (though I only played the first 2 days)

Game 1 was a fight over a hill.  I was Russian, and had to defend.  At a critical point I failed morale to assault a weakened German position, and ended up being pushed back off the crest.  Loss to me.

Game 2 was the grain elevator.  I had a chance for victory, trying to assault 3 times but being pushed back when the defensive fire rolled above average.  Result was a draw.

Game 3 was an attack to retake a nearby Russian village.  It started off badly when the German artillery kept surviving everything I could throw at it.  But a flank attack by T-70's was extremely successful.  A close game where I scraped a victory.